Typen af ​​jetpumpe


Dampjet pumpee
Vandvaporjet pumpeee is a jet vacuum pump which takes water vapor as the working medium and can directly exhaust the atmosphere. The pump has the advantages of fast starting, small floor area, wide working pressure range and large air extraction, and can extract dust, corrosive, flammable and explosive gases. It is more economical to use surplus or waste steam. The disadvantages of this pump are high civil engineering investment (installation height of some requires more than 10m) and large cooling water consumption. The compression ratio of single-stage steamjet pumpeee generally does not exceed 10.

Luftjet pumpeee
The airjet pumpeee uses compressed air or atmospheric air as the working medium. The air flow generates low pressure at the nozzle outlet to suck air or other gases, and then compresses it out. According to whether the working medium is high-pressure air or atmospheric air, it is divided into general airjet pumpeee and atmosphericjet pumpeee. The working medium consumption of airjet pumpeee is large, so it must have an air compressor with large capacity. Generally, most airjet pumpeees are single-stage.

Vandjet pumpee
When the required vacuum degree is not too high, a waterjet pumpeee with a certain pressure of water as the working fluid can be used to generate vacuum. The water jet speed is usually about 15-30m / s. It belongs to crude vacuum equipment. Because the waterjet pumpeee has the dual function of generating vacuum and condensing steam, it is widely used.